Café Kitsuné Vertbois is the only Café Kitsuné address in Europe to possess its own roasting atelier. From June 2021, it will also be the only one in the world to offer themed workshops dedicated to coffee culture, open to both connoisseurs and amateurs. The greatest passions are those that are shared… The launch of the Café Kitsuné Vertbois Coffee Workshops today makes perfect sense.


Departure is imminent from the beginning of June, every Saturday, with a journey in 4 stages (to be organised according to participants’ desires) to discover the fascinating world of speciality coffee. The Workshops are limited to 3, 4 or 6 people, for a completely personalized experience.

A creative workshop for young and old with the artist Anna Gorvits
Exclusive Workshop

The artist Anna Gorvits invites young and old to an illustration workshop on the theme of coffee. Beloved by our customers but little used in art, coffee grounds act as an ink… This is the perfect opportunity to entertain the whole family during such a creative and gourmet moment.


Availability :

Saturday May 21th


10 participants - 1h30 - €25
Workshop #1
Barista of slow methods at home

A practical workshop dedicated to the preparation of coffee at home according to your personal taste and by using the slowthods. Discover your favourite speciality coffees, know how to recognise quality coffees, choose the right equipment, learn the right gestures to make a successful filter coffee, understand the secrets of a balanced extraction, refine the dosages… Participants will be invited to handle the 3 superstars of gentle extraction, the V60, the Chemex and the Aeropress, and adopt the role of well-informed baristas…


Availability :

Saturday April 16th

Saturday May 14th

Saturday June 11th


Infusion d'un café issu de grains Café Kitsuné avec la méthode l'extraction douce lors de notre atelier
4 participants - 1h30 - €60
Workshop #2
Discover the roasting process

An initiatory journey to the heart of the roasting process, to be experienced with all senses alert.

An opportunity to go behind the scenes of sourcing according to Café Kitsuné. Then it’s time for a hands-on experience, with live roasting and coffee preparation using the mythical V60, the Japanese manual brewing method so popular with lovers of gentle extraction.


Availability :

Saturday April 30th

Saturday May 28th

Saturday June 25th


La mythique V60 est pleine de café fraîchement moulu issus de la torréfaction Café Kitsuné lors de notre atelier
2 to 6 participants - 1h - €60
Workshop #3
3 coffees, 3 domains

How to become a true connoisseur? By learning the secrets of “cupping” or the art of degustation: how to prepare a tasting, work on your perception of taste, refine your palate and develop your sensitivity… Put all this into practice with 3 speciality Arabica grands crus coffees from different origins, in an opportunity to become familiar with their domains and their aromatic profile but also how to comprehend their specificities.



Saturday May 7th

Saturday June 4th

Saturday July 2nd

De belles coupelles pleines de grains de café frais issus de notre collection Café Kitsuné lors de notre atelier
2 to 6 participants - 1 hour - 45 €
Workshop #4
From espresso to cappuccino

Enough dreaming about pretty cups of latte art, it’s time to get down to business. This time, the focus is on espresso: theoretical basics, the art of extraction, but also tips on choosing speciality coffees and the best machines available on the market. An introduction to latte art reviews the professional gestures for making a milk foam, classic or vegetarian, for assembling it with the espresso and for drawing on the surface… A great moment of pride in perspective.


Availability :

Saturday April 23th 

Saturday May 21th 

Saturday June 18th 

Un beau shot d'espresso chaudement extrait de grains Café Kitsuné de qualité lors de notre atelier
2 to 3 participants - 1h30 - 50 €.